Peripatetic Pooch Policy

Mature, well-mannered canine members of your family are welcome in some cottages. Read the specifics:

Mature, well-mannered dogs accustomed to being away from home and accompanied by well-trained human companions are welcome to stay in certain cottages for $15 per night per dog.

Dogs and their companions must heed these policies.

  • Dogs are never left alone in the cabin or tied outside the cabin.
  • When dogs are outside, they must on leash.
  • Dogs must be inside when wildlife is in the area.
  • No barking, whining, or howling at any time.
  • Dogs must take their "exercise" away from the cottages.
  • Human caregivers must clean up after them.
  • Dogs must bring their own dishes for food and water.
  • Dogs who like to lie on the furniture must bring their own.
  • Dogs must be 100% housebroken. No puppies.
  • Dogs must be registered at check-in.
  • Visiting dogs must respect the rights of the friendly residents: deer, elk, chipmunks, etc.
  • Cats are not allowed.

Before you decide to bring your dog, consider the facts of wilderness life that face town dogs who visit here:

  • There are new and wonderful scents that may cause your perfectly behaved town dog to bolt into the forest unexpectedly.
  • The call of the wild may overpower your call to your pet to come back. Dogs caught chasing wildlife may be shot by the wildlife officer.
  • On walks, human companions are needed to help their canine friends handle encounters with residents that may consider them to be either a strange, unwelcome intruder (deer, elk, bighorn sheep, marmots, chipmunks, racoons, squirrels) or a tasty meal (mountain lion, bear).
  • Dogs may not stay alone in your cabin so they will go with you everywhere. How comfortable is your dog in your car? For how long?
  • Since dogs are not allowed on the National Park trails and shady parking spots are non-existent in the summer, your Park visits may be limited to certain developed picnic areas, parking lots, or short excursions very early or late in the day. Or you can board your pet during the day at a local facility. Reservations advised.

If your canine companion is a full-fledged member of your family, then these issues won't be a problem and you will have a lovely time. Together you can all go hiking in the National Forest, shopping in town, picnicing in the Park, fishing in our river, driving along scenic byways, etc.