Seasons Holidays

For Everything There is a Season

Summer is our prime season. Native Americans discovered this valley ten thousand years ago and spent summers here to enjoy the wonderful wildlife and weather. Some things never change. Come and join us for the perfect summer holiday!

Fall is fantastic! The aspen leaves turn golden, the elk bugle in the meadows, the bighorn sheep butt heads on the mountain slopes, the sky is bright blue, the air is crisp and fall festivals enliven the town.

Holidays are a particularly festive time. Come for a Thanksgiving feast at a local restaurant, the Catch the Glow parade through town, Christmas shopping specials and New Year's celebrations.

Winter is the prime wildlife watching season. Also snowshoeing, skiing, sledding, hiking, birding, fireside trysts, blue skies, sunshine and quiet.

Spring brings our biggest snows, mild temperatures, wildflowers, new fawns, elk calves, bighorn lambs. New green grass in April brings the wildlife to roadsides for close encounters with wildlife watchers.